Lease Courier Drivers and Vehicles

When you need a dedicated courier and delivery vehicle for whatever period of time you can outsource it from us and we can manage it for you. Our drivers are highly trained and have a long experience dealing with clients in various industries. We have a fleet of well maintain and fully insured vans, pickups, trucks and trailers for any kind of shipment needs. We have vehicles for diverse purposes including for Medical, Hazmat and Banks.


Dedicated Fleet Services

Whether you need a single driver dedicated to your account, or coordination of an entire fleet, we will customize an efficient cost-effective shipping solution for your business. We can arrange for any combination of courier fleet vehicles ranging from passenger cars to trucks and trailers.

The Benefits:

  • Eliminate the need to buy or lease vehicles
  • Provide a single-source solution for your just-in-time delivery needs
  • Provide efficiencies through state-of-the-art routing, scanning, GPS technology, and logistics expertise that give you the ability to improve service to your customers and grow your business
  • Provide cost relief related to managing and maintaining a private delivery fleet
  • Provide the ability to adjust fleet size with fluctuations in your business using our On-Demand resources
  • Provide a dedicated team of qualified, friendly and professional fleet management staff and independent professional delivery drivers



Our Warehousing services combine short and long-term storage along with local distribution complimented by parcel or LTL shipments. We have video monitoring that records surveillance throughout our facilities 24 hours a day, and facilities have state-of-the-art alarm systems supported by quick armed response. Our drivers are drug-tested and background checked.

Our Warehousing and Distribution is equipped to store items for any duration. From storing trade show gear that ships once a year to construction materials that are in a holding pattern, you can be assured that we will make your storage timeframe work.